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                • ​Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, Decker School of Nursing, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY, USA

                  ​MN, Master degree, Nursing College, Clinical Nursing, Women's Health Specialty University of Toronto, Toronto, Ca​nada.

                  ​Bachelor Degree in Nursing, King Saud University, College of Nursing & Applied Medical Sciences, GPA 4.47 with honors

                • Major Interests/ Working Fields

Community Health Nursing 
Women’s Health and Minority Health
Immigrant Health
​Telemedicine and e-health services ​


​Recent research activities/ publications​​

  • ​​
    Nastiti, A. A., Triharini, M., Santika, N. K. A., Dewi, Y. S., Barnawi, N. A., & Arifin, H. (2022). Determinants of caesarean sec​tion delivery: A nationwide study in Indonesia. British Journal of Midwifery, 30(5), 282-289.  

    ​Ba​rnawi, N. (2021). Social Capital in Community Nursing Profession: Rural vs. Urban Communities. Jurnal​ Ne​​rs, 16(1).​​

    ​Barna​wi, N., Habib, F., Alajimi, R., & Al-Mutiri, S. (2021). Body mass index in relation to exposure of bullying attempts and suicidal ideation among Saudi adolescents’ female students. EC Pediatrics 10(7), 33-43

    Barnawi, N., Al-Ghadeer, H., BinSaran, M., Bin-Muneef, W., Alroilai, M., & Alahmed, S. (2021). The willingness of undergraduate nursing students regarding utilizing CAM as a preventative method of Coronaviruses. International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Science, 6(4), 237-243 

    Barnawi, N., Al-Mutair, A., & Al-Ghadeer, H. (2021) Saudi Nursing Students Expereince of Distance learning (e-learning) During COVID-19 2020 Pandemic Outbreak at KSAU-HS, International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Science, 6(3), 212-218.

    Barnawi, N.A, (2019), Concept Analysis of Nursing Wisdom, Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research, 23(1), 17179-17188,

    Flanagan, N., Rizzo, V., James, G., Spegman, A., & Barnawi, N. (2018). Predicting Risk Factors for 30-Day Readmissions Following Discharge from Post-Acute Care. Professional Case Management, 23(3), 139-146


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