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  • Ph. D in Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing)
    MSN (Psychiatric Nursing)


Major Interests/ Working Fields

Psychiatric Nursing 
Medical Surgical Nursing 
Nursing assessment 
​Education in Nursing 

Recent research​ activities/ publications

Preceptorship in the eyes of preceptor and preceptee with a view to measure the clinical learning outcome (Ongoing)

Assessment of the level of stress of parents of children with autism in a selected special school at Ernakulam.,(Journal: IDC International Journal, Volume 7, Issue 2 April 2021)

Assessment of stress and coping of married staff nurses with children on night shift (Book Chapter)

Assessment of the level of knowledge of pregnant mothers regarding the effect of teratogenic agents on pregnancy.The genesis peer-reviewed Journal, July - September 2019.Volume 6, issue 3

A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Practices on Nitrous Oxide as Labor Analgesia among Nurses in Labor and Delivery Units. Chalmeda Anand Rao Institute of Medical Science, July 2015, Volume 9, issue 1



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