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Help Request System

For any service you need, this system will provide an interactive and timely solution to submit, review, and follow-up your requests.

Self Services HR

The Oracle e-Services are aimed to help the employees in accessing their vital personal information, managing required tasks, financial accounts and properties, tracking maintenance of assets and other department specific applications. Oracle Applications can also provide alerts and reports to some privileged users.

ISID self-services

The NGHA ISID self-services aim to help employees to personally reset their passwords.

Document Tracking System

Document Tracking System (DTS) provide you the tools to manage every day busy offices. It gives you the ability to automatically track documents, quickly and simply query your own Document Tracking database and remind you about the pending issues.

Student e-Services

For any service the college provide, Student e-Services portal allow students to submit service requests easily and automatically.

Dashboard System

This system was developed to provide a holistic view of all operational data under College of Nursing.

University Research Profile(URP) system

URP system is used to provide research statistics classified per faculty, college, region..etc. Also, to collect data for the Program accreditation in the University.

Room Booking System

This system was developed to automate the process of booking classrooms, meeting rooms and auditoriums which serves CON-R building and any other needed building in campus. If you need to book a room, click the picture and submit your request.

Student Research Database

This system developed to serve the research process in KSAU-HS and other participating universities by automating the whole cycle of research management and submissions

Violation Tracking System

For any service you need, this system will provide an interactive and timely solution to submit, review, and follow-up your requests.

Asset Control System

Central system to manage and track inventory of all equipment and furniture under the College of Nursing. With the ability to generate different reports efficiently and effectively.

Scholarship Management System

This system is used by both Scholarship Unit to manage scholarships and keep tracking of scholars and by scholars to complete their scholarship applications.

Questionmark perception

QuestionMark Perception is an application which deploys computer-based assessments through the web or Windows, for online or offline delivery. This software enable user to author, scheduled, deliver, and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams.

Self-Service Password Reset System

Self-manage KSAU-HS accounts information and password. This includes password change, password reset and unlock, for more information and help click here.

Vaccination Tracking System

This system is used by the Nursing Department to track, manage, report and maintain all required students’ vaccinations.

Event Management System

Event Management System (ETS) is used to automate the process of events management in scheduling, controlling and tracking all aspects.​