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Q1. Where can I call for any inquiries?

Check here for your reference to contact information in all regions.


Q2. I forget the password for my KSAU-HS account, how can I reset it?

 Check here for your reference to How to Reset E-mail Password.


Q3. Is there a student dorm on campus?

No, there is not.


Q4. Can I leave campus when I finish with my lectures early?

The student can leave campus once she finishes the lectures per her schedule.


Q5. Can I postpone my courses for a defined period?

  • The student can delay her courses for one semester without failing the course only if she submits an acceptable excuse to the College Council five weeks before the finals. For extreme emergencies, the Council can overlook this five week notice. However, completing the semester will be calculated in the graduation study period requirement.
  • The student can delay her courses for two consecutive semesters or three separated semesters throughout her study period at the Collage if she submits an acceptable excuse to the College Council. However, these semesters will not be calculated within the completion of graduation requirements and the student needs to request an extension before picking up any subject.


Q6. I will soon complete my internship – when will I receive my graduation certificate?

After completing the internship year, the results will be reviewed and accredited by the College Council then the accredited names will be sent to the admission and registration department where the graduation documents will be printed.


Q7. What should I bring to receive my graduation documents?

  • ID card or badge.
  • Your clearance fully signed.


Q8. Can I get my friend’s certificate on her behalf?

No, she has to come personally to receive all her graduation documents.


Q9. If I want to dropout, get my academic record or anything else, do I have to come personally or can someone do it for me?

There is no problem if you appoint someone to complete these procedures on your behalf, but you have to bring a form of proxy and an ID card for the appointee.