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Applying to Dean’s List




To all batch 15 Males & Females (Medical interns only)

you can start applying to Dean’s list (قائمة العميد الشرفية)

by submitting the evidence showing that, the attached criteria of The Dean’s list apply to you.

  Dean's List Criteria for the College of Medicine

  Criteria form - Dean's list                                       

Kindly note that the categorization and the preparation of the Dean’s list, according to the criteria will be handled by the student affairs departments (COM-M & COM-F).

  • Please find the following:​​

The Criteria For Dean's.​
 To facilitate the task of collecting points, complete the attached Criteria form.​
 Submit the supporting documents as a soft copy via email to student affairs department. or it’s preferred to be uploaded in a link ( file hosting service) and then sent via email to student affairs department.  (The students are responsible for making sure that their emails are received by checking with student affairs department.)

The deadline for submitting the evidence will be on:

27 February 2023