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Medical Education


Medical Education Department​​​​​ ​

The Department of Medical Educ​ation is a department that reports to the Associate Dean​, Academic and Student Affairs, which is under the Dean of the College of Medicine.  It is composed of units and each one exists with a formed committee to carry out assigned duties. These units are (Masters of Medical Education Unit, Faculty Enhacement Unit).​​​​​


Medical Education​ (DME) Chairman Message​

  • We are proud to be the first, and largest, formally established Department of Medical Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This demonstrates the strong commitment of College leadership to Medical Education as an essential tool for achieving educational excellence, and the implementation of innovative teaching methods such as problem-based, integrated learning.

    Our main goals are to provide high quality educational services to all Colleges within the University including curriculum development, application of innovative instructional methods, educational research, student assessment, graduate level training in medical education and faculty and program evaluation. As the University grows our current contribution to the important activities of faculty enhancement, quality assurance, college promotion and educational leadership are also expected to expand.

    Our vision is to be a pioneering, well renowned department in the region, recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an international Collaborative Centre in the field of Health Professions Education. Realization of our goals means that we continually strive for achievement of specific educational, research and service objectives which ensure the continued educational integrity of the College and the University. Maintaining high educational quality of undergraduate and postgraduate courses including development of student assessments, enhancing our educational research output, faculty contributions to the University's scholarship indices and provision of expert educational input to new colleges within the University are also key aspects of our mission. Since our establishment in 2004, we have achieved international accreditation of the College of Medicine through the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME), published many factsheets, booklets and newsletters that have enhanced knowledge and understanding of key educational issues in our community and beyond. Indeed, the WFME reported that we met all essential and quality standards at a 90% level. However, achievements of this kind are only possible with the continuous support of College leadership and expertise of our faculty in medical education. We invite you to learn more about our Department by visiting the various units.​

Dr. Nouf Al Harbi
Chairperson, Department of Medical Education 
College of Medicine


The Department of Medical Education aims to provide remarkable services for the curriculum development, program and course evaluation administration, students and faculty personal and professional advancement, and above all to produce qualified medical educators.


  • To oversee and monitor the Department of Medical Education units’ functions and processes, and to provide an ongoing assessment of the department educational needs in line with the current educational standards.
  •  To reassess and receive suggestions for any modification in the curriculum in collaboration with Academic Affairs Department.
  • To evaluate scientific research projects presented by the faculty and students.
  • To review and analyze the output of evaluation program for curriculum, faculty, and students; to recommend solutions and take appropriate actions.
  • To monitor the over plan and evaluate the proper conduction of the workshops/conferences for the faculty, and to suggest program’s modifications and solutions based on the reports for the workshops’ improvement.
  • To supervise the implementation and evaluation of the Masters in Medical Education (MME) Program in coordination and collaboration with the Department of Medical Education, COM-R.
  • To oversee and facilitate the smooth conduction of the OSCE Support Units’ activities.
  • ​ To suggest to the College Council the appointment of faculty members, lecturers, and their promotions.


Medical Education Units:


Medical Education Faculty Members ​​​​:

​ ​
​​​​​Lecturer Medical Education
College of Medicine
Ext. 95248 

  • Assistant Professor of Epidemiology​​
  • DME, ​College of Medicine
  • Email: 
  •  Ext. 98237​
  • ​​​​    Assistant Professor Medical Education.​
  •     College of Medicine
  •      Email:
  •       Ext. 95308

  •          Associate Professor Medical Education​.​
  •         College of Medicine
  •         Email: agha​
  •         Ext. 95250

  • ​​​​​       Assistant Professor Medical Education.​
  •       College of Medicine
  •       Email: 
  •        Ext. 95420
  • ​​​​​               Lecturer Master of Medical Education Program.​
  •               College of Medicine
  •               Email:
  •                Ext. 95199


           Hadeel Alfozan           
    •             Admin Officer                                                                 Medical Education College Of Medicine                Email:​
             Ext. 95208​ 

    •             Khloud Alotaibi.                                   
    •                 Admin Officer​                                                                          MME, College of Medicine                                         Email:                           ​Ext.95010​
    •             Shouq Alanazi​.                                   
    •                 Admin Officer​                                                                                MME, College of Medicine                                         Email: alanazis​                           ​Ext.95233​

Part of Medical Education Department Success 
(Prior DME Employees, Forever DME Members) 

​ ​ ​
​​ ​  
​​​​​            Associate Professor Medical                                  Education
          ​College of Medicine

    • ​​​​  Ms. Afaf Moukaddem 
    • Lecturer.                                            
    • College of Medicine
    •        Mohi Eldin Magzoub.
  •    Chairman, Department of Medical 
  •    Education
  •   ​ College of Medicine
    •   Dr. Francis Seefeldt.
  • ​​​​Associate Professor Medical Education
  • College of Medic​ine

    • ​ 
    •      Dr. Margaret Elzubeir .
  • ​     Director, Faculty Development Unit. 
  •      College of Medicine

  • Assistant Professor Medical Education.​
  •    College of Medicine
  •    Email: 
  •    Ext. 95509

                                      ..​.​​ Administrative Support ...                                      
College​​ of Me​dicine - Male ​​Branch.
+966 11 4299999 Ext: 95208​.​​