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Medical Internship unit



To provide the best training available in Saudi Arabia for Medical Interns at King Abdulaziz Medical Cities during their Medical Internship (MI).​


To enhance medical intern’s skills, attitudes, and professional behavior learned through the innovative undergraduate medical program.


  • Runs administrative affairs related to medical internship program and summer Training program.
  • Deals with issues related to interns
  • Prepares an ideal training and learning environment
  • Conducts educational activities​ to enhance interns skills
  • Promotes research related to medical internship
  • Ensures the implementation of the FMIC
  • ​Orients medical intern for future career ch​oices and opportunities​

Medical Internship Program​

  Report of the Incidence and Prevalen​ce of Diseases and other Health Related Issues in Saudi Arabia

​​Important services and forms​ 


Working Hours:

Sunday to Thursday (08:00 AM – 05:00 PM) 

                                      ..​.​​ Administrative Support ...                                      
College​​ of Me​dicine.
+966 11 4299999 
         ​Ext: ​94042, 94013, 94024, 94029