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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​▸​ ​​​what is the Student Affairs role regarding students?​​

Students Affairs is responsible of Attendance, warning, violation and applying all the rules and regulations.​​

▸​ If I am late, wh​at is the estimated time to be recorded as absent?

​After 5 min student will be recorded as absent.​​

▸​ When will I receive warning?

After 25% absence.​​​

▸​ If I have a sick leave report, when and to whom should I submit it?

​You should submit it to the Student Affairs Department. Sick leave reports will be accepted within 3 days after the student’s return to the college. It will not be accepted if it’s submitted later than 3 days.​

▸​ If I have a Medical appointment, where can I get the permission to be absent?​

▸​  NGHA Appointment:
The Student should have the white slip from Student Affairs Department, the clinic staff should fill the form and stamp it. Otherwise it will not be accepted and the student will be recorded as absent.
▸​  Appointments Outside NGHA :
The Student should notify the Student Affairs Department of her appointment one day before, and provide the visit report from the hospital or the clinic that she went to.

▸​ If the instructor is late, can we leave the class?

​If the instructor is late more than 20 minutes you are allowed to leave.​

▸​ If I need to reset my email password, who can help me?

​You can send the request though the Student Affairs Department, after confirmation it will be send it to the IT Department.

▸​ If my name is spelled incorrectly, who can help me?

​You can fill a justification form though Student Affairs Department, then it will be send it to the IT Department​.​

▸​ If I lose my badge, who can help me?

​Badging Office.​​

▸​ If I face some Academic, Social difficulties or stress, who can help me?

​You can contact the Academic Advisor or the Social Worker.​

▸​ If I participated in any activity, will I be recorded as absent?

​You should take the approval from the Student Affairs Department before you participate in any activity.​

▸​ If I have a research session or meeting, who should I inform?

​Student Affairs Department.​

▸​ If I forget my lab coat or the scrub, who can help me?

​​Student Affairs Department.​

▸​ What is the dress code of KSAU-HS?

​Blue scrub and lab coat. ​

▸​ If I miss an exam, can I have a reset or make up exam?

​You have to provide us with a sick leave from NGHA.​​

▸​ ​Can I change my group in labs or PBL?

​The grouping is fixed and cannot be changed.​​