Deanship of Postgraduate Education Committee​s:​

  1.            1.  Postgraduate Education Committee for Continuing Medical Education (CME)
   Committee Charge:
Discuss, review and approve new proposals for continuing medical education (CME) training and activities (i.e., symposia, conferences, courses, workshops, forums, and all other      DPE activities) based on MNGHA and KSAU-HS Program established policies and standards.
-  Review, recommend and approve each CME activity's Scientific Chair/ Director based on the recommendation of the Chairman of the medical specialty.
Endorse the approved new CME activity to appropriate DPE training department as necessary, to be in charge of the activity coordination and conduction, including all its related       affairs.    
Develop, review, assess, and monitor implementation of existing CME training & activities every 2 years in terms of scientific value, registration fees, organization and planning        issues.
Recommend new strategies and adopt current advances and innovations in the field of healthcare education (i.e. related to Simulation and Leadership). 
Ensure that the outcomes of the reviews are reflected on all DPE CME activities and programs and aligned with the vision and mission of the DPE, KSAU-HS and MNG-HA.

-  Review and approve reservations for CME activity venues under the Deanship of Postgraduate Education, KSAU-HS.

  2. Visiting Professors Program Committee for KAMC-Central ​​Region​

  1.          Committee Charge:

  2.               -   Reviews all Visiting Professor(s) Applications from Medical Departments of KAMC-CR and KSAU-HS.
  3.               -    Recommends priority with most needed expertise.​
  4.               -    Forwards recommendations to Deanship of Postgraduate Education who will forward to the Vice President, Postgraduate Education, KSAU-HS for approval.​