Dean's Message


Welcome to the website of the Deanship of Postgraduate Education. We take pride in developing and implementing advanced programs toward academic excellence. The Deanship of Postgraduate Education established four branches in different regions (Central, Eastern, and Western). Under the Postgraduate Education structure, there are many departments and divisions that provide services to the participants and graduates.

The deanship places great importance on innovations through the application of the latest technology and other modernization methods. This is considered as the basic standards when generating new programs in order to be up-to-date in its time and a useful and beneficial opportunity to its recipients. With this in mind, this website was prepared in order to shed light on the activities and courses of the deanship, and we trust that you will find the information on our website useful.

We are steadfast to satisfy the demand and prioritize Training for MNGHA program employees. Our postgraduate programs are strategically designed to keep with the plans and expansion projects of development and updates for implementation for everyone's general welfare, which is aligned with our vision to be "Center of Excellence" and our mission to respond to immediate needs of healthcare providers, employees, clients, communities, our nation, and neighboring Gulf countries.    

We have stated the objective of promoting Saudization in all facets of our workforce, including administrative, secretarial, instructor, coordinator, and technical areas, and we do make every attempt to recruit qualified Saudi staff wherever possible.

I wish our plan comes in an endeavor to improve the integrity and continuity of the health care provider, by means of developing medical education training courses, in line with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 with regard to improving the quality of healthcare and the whole MNG-HA program services.


Prof. Fayez Al Hejaili

Dean, Postgraduate Education ​