Strategic Plan:

  1. - Continuing to provide medical education and training with the highest quality available to healthcare professionals.

  2. - Unification of administrative policies and procedures for all departments in postgraduate studies.

  3. - Provide the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, and responsibilities for all trainees.

  4. - Contribute to the promotion of community health and participation in public social responsibility

  5. - To seek international academic accreditation to ensure the application of high-quality standards in higher education.​

  6. - Develop routine and electronic procedures that will improve management objectives in a more efficient manner.

  7. - Promote the use of technology in international communications to broadcast events in other regions

  8. - Continuing development of our services at the national and regional levels, and providing significant support to all resident and fellowship programs

  9. - Provide a high level of postgraduate training in order to attract more trainers, participants, and retention of staff.

  10. -  Achieve cooperation between the Deanship of Graduate Studies, King Saud bin Abdul-Aziz University for Health Sciences, King Abdullah Medical Research Center and King Abdul-Aziz Medical City in all regions to promote the integration of the unified health system​.​