Media Services

The Mission of Media Services Department is to provide assistance to the healthcare professionals of National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA), King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC), along with King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS), and King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) in delivering the highest quality of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary health care services while ensuring efficiency and the proper utilization of available resources. This is being achieved in collaboration with different departments and health care professionals aiming to provide staff and patients’ Health Education, Training, Preventive Medicine, Health Research and Continuous Quality Improvement.

The Department of Media Services is comprised of  (4) sections. Each section has its own duties and functions working towards the mission of the department. Each section provides specific services to the hospital and affiliated clinics in the central region as well as in the operation and commencement of western and eastern region hospitals.
Each staff is commended for their commitment to a multidisciplinary team approach, assistance and active participation in working towards the mission of Media Services Department. In order to provide excellent services, our department has adopted the concepts of shared decision-making, collective responsibility, individual and team accountability, and professional collegiality.
•To oversee the prearranged booking reservation for the Academic Affairs – Symposia/Conference Division, Postgraduate Training Center, KAMC recurrent ground rounds activities, In-service Training, and other circular event conducted by the different departments under the program.
•To expedite Capital Equipment - Logistics and Contracts Management – Special Purchase Requests Technical Specifications/Evaluations of the End-User Requests. 

1. Graphics Design and Illustration Sections:

•To provide designs and production of a wide variety of graphical art work such as Medical Illustration, General Illustration, Poster, Logo, Brochure, Banner, Certificate, Graph, Signs, Booklet, Nameplates and Calligraphy, designed for all NGHA Educational and Promotional Activities.
•To provide manpower support during Academic Symposia particularly to the slide-preparation unit, production of speakers’ nameplates and coordinate with Scientific and Organizing Committee and Audiovisual Staff regarding on-the-spot program amendments
•To coordinate with the other sections of Media Services for projects requiring team effort (i.e. computer presentation/animation to be incorporated for video production, poster for duplication and lamination, etc.)
•To foster public awareness of design in National Guard Health Affairs through Postgraduate Education, Patient Education, Public Information and staff responsiveness.
•To coordinate with the other sections of Media Services for projects requiring team effort (i.e. digital images to be incorporated for poster presentation and video production).
•To provide designs for the new project of Media Services Department, i.e. the Digital Signage System aims to literate the patient, students and the staffs of KAMC, NGHA for health care.

2. Photography Section​:

•To provide medical and non-medical photography for clinical and educational purposes; still-life photographs for surgical equipment and specimens; industrial photography; and provides professional photography advice related to publication and education.
•To provide photography coverage for all NGHA events (i.e. International Conferences, workshops, and academic courses.)
•To coordinate with the other sections of Media Services for projects requiring team efforts (i.e. digital images to be incorporated for poster presentation and video production)

3. Video Production & Digital Signage Sections:

•To provide video coverage for all NGHA (Medical and Non-medical) events.
•To produce a documentary, Instructional, Educational and Single Event video coverage for medical and non-medical as an orientation for continuous education, awareness and staff education.
•To ensure that all NGHA, Symposia/Conferences, PTC, Trauma Courses, and other requesting departments’ events are catered and well organized.
•To maintain and a voting system to all NHGA program.
•To provide live streaming assistance and technical support for all KAMC, KSAU-HS, KAIMRC courses, symposia, conferences, and any related event.
•To provide and support issues on; technical, broadcasting, editing and capturing events of NGHA.
•To provide Technical Specification, Evaluation and Assistance for all NGHA Special Purchase Requests in collaboration with the Capital Equipment – Logistics and Contracts Management.
•To assist the upgrading of conference rooms, video conferencing, live transmission between OR and Auditoria for training purposes.
•To upload Digital Signage Program Requests (Medical) announcements i.e. Academic/Symposia Events, PTC conferences, and other departments’ educational activities.
•To ensure that Digital Signage System Information is accurate and up to date.
•To meet constantly demands of different requesters.

4.Audiovisual Section

•To provide audiovisual support and assistance to all NGHA events (i.e. LCD projector, TV, DVD, and Sound system, etc.)
•To provide minor repairs of audiovisual equipment
•To provide lamination of educational materials
•To provide Technical Specifications, Evaluations and Recommendations to the NGHA End-User concerning Audiovisual equipment.,