Quality Assurance Department

The Quality Assurance Department established to promote excellence in the programs of Residency and Fellowship education of the Deanship of Postgraduate Education, KSAU-HS. In committing efforts with MNGHA/KSAUHS in enhancing the quality of training across the spectrum of clinical disciplines by maintaining accreditations, improving outcome and developing key performance measures.

As part of continuous Institutional Postgraduate Education Quality Improvement, the department is initiating internal reviews and evaluations of our residency and fellowship training programs.

Our Goal:

The goal of our Postgraduate Education Programs including residency and fellowships, is to achieve excellence education, to prepare tomorrow's challenges, and ultimately to improve the health of the population they serve.

●       Responsible for conducting program reviews and accreditation.
●       Organize and conduct Workshops that target both faculty and resident/fellowship.

These would be conducted several times per year depending on the scope, content and need. They would be conducted within both the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs and King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Science (MNGHA/KSASUHS) network of training programs.

Staff contact details:

Dr. Faisal Al Thekair, Assistant Dean, Tel no.: 91304

Email: ThekairF@ngha.med.sa

Ms. Moudi Al Qublan, Coordinator, Tel no.: 42 - 91032

Email: alqublanmo@ngha.med.sa

 Mr. Hamad Al Zuman, Coordinator, Tel no.: 42 - 91060

Email: alzumanha@ngha.med.sa

 Ms. Afrah Al Zahrani, Administrative Assistant, Tel no.: 42 - 91035

Email: alzahraniaf@ngha.med.sa

 Ms. Stephanie Lee, Administrative Assistant, Tel no.: 42 - 91029

Email: leest@ngha.med.sa


 Department Contact Information:

- Email: DPE_QA@ngha.med.sa

- Mail Code: 3109

Department location information:

●        2nd Floor, Left Wing

●        Deanship of Postgraduate Education Building