University Internal Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures

Evidence for By-laws, Internal System, Academic Policies and Procedures

There are different types of regulations, the most important are the internal Bylaws based on the Council of Higher Education Bylaws, Academic Policies and Procedures and the Administrative Policies and Procedures. The University Standing Committee for Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee Reviews Bylaws and Academic Policies and Procedures every 5 years, The Committee ensures that the Internal University Bylaws are aligned and follow the governmental Bylaws related to Higher education, Civil Peru, Labour, and any other related Bylaws.

List of By-laws:

1.        The Internal University Bylaws

2.        Study and Examinations Bylaws

3.        Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Bylaws

4.        Faculty Leave Bylaws

5.        Faculty Bylaws

6.        Health Practitioners Faculty Bylaws

7.        Student activity Bylaws

8.        Postgraduate Bylaws

9.        Scientific Association Bylaws

10.     Student Fund Bylaws

11.     Scholarship & Training Bylaws

12.     Anti-Cyber Crime and Disclosure of Confidential Documents and Information Bylaw

13.     Executive Regulations and Procedural Rules for Electronic Media Publishing in Social Media

14.     Scientific Publishing​

List of Academic Policies and Procedures:

1.        Internal Quality Assurance System

2.        Course Evaluation

3.        Program Student experience evaluation

4.        Guidelines for faculty experience survey

5.        Organizational Charts Development

6.        Students’ Engagement

7.        Guidelines for Employee Satisfaction Survey

8.        President’s Award

9.        Academic Counseling

10.     Program Advisory Committee

11.     Guidelines for Alumni Survey

12.     Annual Program Report

13.     Program and Course Approval

14.     KSAU-HS Faculty Office Hours

15.     Guidelines for Alumni Unit

16.     Guidelines for Community Engagement

17.     Field Experience Report

18.     Employer Satisfaction Survey APP

19.     Collection Development Policy

20.     Cataloging Procedures Policy

21.     Circulation and Borrowing Policies

22.     Service Policy

23.     Electronic Information Resource Policy

24.     Conduct Policies

25.     Internship Governance

26.     College of Applied Medical Sciences and King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Allied Health Professional Faculty and Scientists Engagement in Clinical Practice

27.     Course Report

28.     Students Records and Confidentiality Policy

29.     Precautionary Guide for Curriculum Delivery During Covid-19 Pandemic Executive plan for Curricula Delivery for the Academic Year 2020-2021 During Covid-19 Pandemic

30.     KSAU-HS Faculty Research Mentoring​

31.     KSAUHS New Faculty Research Orientation

32.     Research Enhancement in KSAU-HS​

33.     Honoraria and Financial Remuneration During the Educational Activity

Administrative Policies and Procedures

The University is presenting the registry for the administrative policies and procedures for non-academic departments. The administrative policies and procedures are covering the following Departments:

1.        Logistics and Procurement

2.        Support Services

3.        Security and Safety

4.        Human Resources

5.        Finance

6.        Office Services

7.        Communication

8.        Technical Affairs