29.     Awarding committee for Rental and investment

The Awarding Committee for Rental & Investments aims to legally evaluate and approve offers or proposals for rental or investments of locations within the KSAU-HS campus in all regions.

The committee formation

·         General Director, Technical Affairs General Directorate (Chairperson).

·         Representative from Finance Department.

·         Representative from Logistic Services.

·         Representative from Legal Affairs.

·         Representative from Business Development.

·         Ministry of Finance Representative.

Charges of the Committee

1.        Receive rental or investment offers from Opening rental or Investment Bids at the KSAU-HS committee.

2.        Receive rental cost estimation from Rental & Investment Cost Estimation Committee at the KSAU-HS.

3.        Evaluate the rental & investment offers according to the Government revenue rules and regulation.

4.        Report recommendations & evaluation of the offers to the approval authority for approval.