10.  Colleges, Institutes and Deanships’ Councils

Colleges, Institutes and Deanships’ Councils formation

Colleges Deanship’s Councils consist of:

·         Dean (Chairperson)

·         Associate and Assistant Deans

·         Chairpersons and Deputy Chairpersons

·         Upon the recommendation of the University Council and the approval of the President, the council may include members from the college’s Faculty or the other branches of the University for a renewable two-year term.

·         Representation of stakeholders from the Ministry of National Guard Medical cities.

·         Students’ Representative for issues related to students.

Charges of the Colleges, Institutes and Deanship’s Council

In addition to applying all rules and regulations related to Higher Education and the University Council, the Colleges and Deanships Council shall review all matters related to the college particularly:

1.        To propose the appointment of faculty members, teaching assistants, lecturers, and their promotions.

2.        To propose study plans or amending them in coordination between departments.

3.        To propose study materials, books, and references in college departments or institute.

4.        To encourage scientific research and coordinate between departments or institute and help in publishing.

5.        To propose examination dates and place rules regulating the process.

6.        To propose internal regulation for the college or institute.

7.        To propose training plans and necessary scholarships.

8.        To propose a plan for extracurricular activities.

9.        To finalize student affairs within its jurisdiction and refer other matters to UC.

10.     To review all referred matters by the UC, Chairperson, or designee to study and give a perspective.

11.     To anticipate emerging issues and opportunities and exercise initiative in response.

Colleges, Institutes and Deanship’s Council meetings

The College or Deanship Council shall meet upon an invitation from the chairperson at least once a month. The meeting is deemed invalid unless two-thirds of the members are present. Resolutions are issued upon majority of votes of those present. When equal, the side with the Chairperson’s vote is passed. The Council’s resolutions are considered valid and effective, unless challenged by the University President within 15 days of receiving them, and if objected, he shall return them to the College or Deanship Council attached with a justification of his perspective for further review. If the Council reserves its perspective, the resolution objection shall be referred to the UC for final decision within the first ordinary or exceptional meeting. The UC may approve, amend, or terminate the resolution and its decision is deemed conclusive. The college and/or deanship board may form permanent or temporary committees from its faculty members or others.