9.  KSAU-HS Budget Allocation Committee

Charges of the committee

1.        Responsible for the budget planning, priorities, allocation, and monitoring of the approved budget for the KSAU-HS.

2.        Ensure that established budget protocol, process, accountability and timelines that promote efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation, management and utilization in the KSAU-HS are appropriately observed.

3.        Review and submit annual consolidated budget proposal supported by statistical performance analysis that reflect the goals and objectives of the proposed capital project, capital equipment, and operational budget for the entire KSAU-HS.

4.        Determine the ratio of allocation of approved budget from the Ministry of Finance for operational budget, capital project and capital equipment in coordination with the Financial Affairs and corporate budget and planning department.

5.        Approve allocation of the manpower and operational budget to colleges/departments under the umbrella of KSAU-HS.

6.        Evaluate budget requirement for emergent need that were not included in the approved budget for the Fiscal Year, which entails additional salary or non-salary costs over and above the approved budget allocation for KSAU-HS. 

7.        Review and re-allocate funds from one college/department to another during the Fiscal Year.

8.        Monitor monthly performance of financial resources of KSAU-HS and to provide the President with a monthly written report.​