20.     Organization and Governance Advisory Committee

Organization and Governance Advisory Committee (OGAC) is formed to provide the recommendations about structuring academic and administrative entity on institutional level. In addition, the committee works in reviewing and updating delegation of signatory authority document in the line with universitys bylaws and polices.

The committee formation

·         Vice President of Development and Quality Management (Chairperson).

·         Vice President of Postgraduate Education.

·         Dean of the Deanship of Development

·         Dean of the Deanship of Quality Management

·         Associate Deans for Deanship of Quality Management

·         Assistant Deans Vice President of Educational Affairs

·         Vice President of Female Affairs.

·         General Director /Corporate Director.

·         Operations Director, KAIMRC

Charges of the Committee

1.            Updating and developing administrative procedures to achieve institutional excellence.

2.            Develop initiatives and programs in cooperation with stakeholders to enhance administrative and organizational efficiency.

3.            Form and establish departments that organize the University’s work at the administrative and academic levels.

4.            Seek opportunities to increase and develop the University's financial resources and reduce costs to achieve spending efficiency.

5.            Develop new procedures and initiatives that enhance the image of the University .

6.            Discuss all that is referred to the committee by His Excellency the President of the University or the University Vice Presidents.