KSAU-HS Organization and Governance Advisory Committee (OGAC) is formed to provide advices for the University to fulfill its responsibilities for educational policy and others that of concern to the University. In order for the University to construct an academic community, a commitment to develop and disseminate knowledge to exemplify free and open participation in structures that affect the University community. This should ensure shared governance among faculty, staff, students, and administrators at all levels, and includes forming and articulating a vision for the University. This committee is reporting to the University President who will approve its recommendations.

Charges of the Committee

  • To review and document University organizational chart.
  • To recommend updates to organizational chart.
  • To recommend positioning of current and new administrative and academic units in the university organizational chart.
  • To create and update the University governance Bylaws and code.
  • To review and recommend authority delegation for leadership positions in the University (e.g. Vice Presidents, Deans, General Directors, and Chairpersons).
  • To review and recommend Rules of governing bodies (e.g. Councils and major committees).​