Scientific Council Formation

The University has a Scientific Council (SC) that has the role to supervise the scientific affairs of faculty members as well as research, studies, publications, and any other related issues. The Scientific Council is formed by the following members:

  1. Vice President for Postgraduate Studies who shall be the chairperson.
  2. One member of the faculty of each college with the ranking of at least an Associate Professor. The appointment will be based on a nomination of the College Council, University President’s approval, and a resolution from the University Council.
  3. Other faculty members, who are involved in research and scientific cases, may join the council. This is subject to the condition that they do not exceed half of the total number of members. All members shall be appointed for a two-year term renewable only once. The council is entitled to form standing or temporary committees of its own members or others to study any assigned cases.

Role of the Scientific Council

  1. To recommend hiring University faculty.
  2. To finalize scientific promotions for faculty members as per the rules of the Scientific Council.
  3. To encourage scientific research, authoring, translation and publishing through the following rules:
  4. To set rules to encourage scientific research.
  5. To suggest creating scientific research centers.
  6. To coordinate between scientific research centers and create their general plan.
  7. To regulate the connection with scientific research centers outside of the University
  8. To allocate honoraria, and appreciation letters for scientific work.
  9. To publish research, scientific publications and dissertations as per the author’s nomination.
  10. To recommend publishing scientific journals.
  11. To create scientific societies and institutions, and coordinate between them.
  12. To approve any referred books and dissertations that need to be refereed.
  13. To evaluate scientific certificates presented by Faculty.
  14. To review all referred matters by the UC.

Scientific Council meetings

  1. The SC shall meet upon an invitation of its chairperson at least once a month.
  2. The chairperson may also call for a meeting when a third of its members presented a written request to meet, or based upon a request from the university President who may chair the meeting if present.
  3. The President has the right to call for a meeting when necessary and he/she may include any matter in his agenda.
  4. The meetings are deemed invalid unless two-third of the members are present.
  5. Resolutions of the SC are issued by the majority of votes of those present. If the votes are equal, the side with the chairperson’s vote is honored. The resolutions are deemed effective unless challenged by the University President within 15 days of receiving them. If objected to, the President shall return them to the SC with a justification of his perspective to be reviewed again. If the council reserves its initial resolution, resolutions objected will be referred to the UC to be reviewed in an ordinary or exceptional meeting. The council may approve, amend, or eliminate the resolutions in question, and this decision is deemed final.​