4.  Supervisory Committee of the Intellectual Awareness Unit

The University’s Intellectual Awareness Unit is established by a decision of the University Council, and undertakes the task of spreading the values ​​of citizenship, moderation, moderation and institutional responsibility, promoting loyalty to religion and belonging to the homeland, and developing intellectual awareness among its students and employees, and is directly linked to His Excellency the President of the University.

The President of the University forms a committee: The Supervisory Committee on the Intellectual Awareness Unit, headed by him and the membership of:


·         The Vice Presidency of Educational Affairs. (Vice-President and Member)

·         Dean/Director of Student Affairs.

·         Dean / Director of Human Resources.

·         Director of the General Department of Legal Affairs.

·         Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit.

·         Three faculty members with different specializations, one of whom is a specialist in Sharia or law.

Charges of the Supervisory Committee of the Intellectual Awareness Unit

1.        Approving the annual plan of the Intellectual Awareness Unit and following up on its implementation after it is approved by the head of the entity.

2.        Approval of a plan for research, studies and activities related to intellectual awareness in the institution of university education.

3.        Approval of training courses related to the intellectual aspects of the leaders of the higher education institution.

4.        Recommending the approval of the unit’s operational expenses and submitting them to the board.

5.        Suggesting types of rules, and raising them, for approval.

6.        Approval of the unit's periodic reports: in preparation for submission to the Ministry.

7.        Studying all that is referred to it by the council or the center.

8.        Determining the sectors of the university education institution, including agencies, colleges, deanships, and administrative units that need a coordinator with the intellectual awareness unit, and the coordinator's communication with the unit is in the operational aspects.