18​.     University Central Curriculum Committee

The committee formation order is approved by the UC. It is chaired by one of the Vice Presidents with memberships from different health specialties, colleges, and educationalist. It has a two-year term. The committee meetings minutes are approved by University President and major resolutions are presented to the UC.

Charges of the committee

1.        The Committee review new academic programs after fulfilling the legal Procedures & requirements.

2.        The Committee monitors a periodic review of academic programs according to the University Bylaws.

3.        Providing recommendations to colleges for establishing new programs that meet the requirements of vision 2030 and the needs of the labor market.

4.        Updating Academic policies intended for reviewing and developing academic programs and their procedural rules.

5.        Providing recommendations to University Council regarding academic curriculum.

6.        Providing recommendations to the University President regarding changes in academic curriculum according to University Bylaws.