27.     University Information, Communication and Educational Technology Board (ICET)

The general objective of the ICET Board is to align the responsibilities of all three campuses and the KAMC hospitals to function as a single unit in relation to the IT related services for students, staff and the different organizations.  It is chaired by the Vice President of Educational Affairs (or his designee) and members are the Corporate Director of Educational Technology Services, General Director of IT Services, Regional Director of IT Services-Jeddah, Corporate Director of Communications Department, Corporate Director of Logistics & Contracts Management, Director of Technical Affairs, Manager of Information System Support-Corporate Educational Technology Services and Manager of IT Security & Network, KSAU-HS.

Charges of the ICET Board

1.        Review and monitor the operation of the Information, Communication and Education Technology (ICET) infrastructure, systems, and new projects within the university campuses at Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Ahsa (including all administrative, academic, clinical, recreational, and housing buildings).

2.        Establish and monitor the University’s IT strategic plan that should encourage innovation by proposal of new initiatives and projects to keep our university ahead in the use of relevant and beneficial technology.

3.        Oversee the operation of the university data centers in the three regions and ensure high standard specification, functionality, and security.

4.        Approve and prioritize university ICET projects and ensure that they adhere to recognized best practice standards concerning network quality, flexibility, expandability, security, and risk & change management procedures.

5.        Ensure academic and administrative requirements and needs are met within the ICET infrastructure projects and select the best ICET systems for the university as per each department’s specialty.

6.        Ensure the availability and continued maintenance of all required IT/communication/audiovisual/security equipment needed for the three university campuses.

7.        Streamline the evaluation process for specification compliance of requested items in coordination with the university’s Logistics & Contracts Management Department to ensure prompt delivery of requested items.

8.        Establish, monitor, and maintain required policies and procedures concerned with ICET for the University.