16.     University Standing Committee for Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

The committee formation

Order is approved by the UC based on recommendation of the University President. It is chaired by the Vice President for DQMA with memberships from different experts within the University in the domains of education, bylaws and quality. It has a two-year term. The minutes of the committee are approved by the University President.

Charges of the Committee

1.            Determine the internal Bylaws that will be prepared and reviewed by the committee.

2.            Ensure the compliance of the University’s bylaws with Education’s and other regulatory bodies’ Bylaws.

3.            Discuss any related issues regarding to the University bylaws and Academic Policies and Procedures (APPs).

4.            Recommend University bylaws for final approval of the University’s President.

5.            Recommend University’s Academic policies and procedures (APPs).

6.            Update the University’s bylaws periodically or as necessary.

7.            Provide recommendations to the University President regarding the University’s Bylaws, policies, and procedures.