The University Academic Board aims to enhance communication at the academic level.

University Academic Board formation

The University Academic Board consists of:

  • University President (Chairman)
  • Vice Presidents
  • Assistant Vice Presidents
  • Deans
  • Executive Director, KAIMRC

In the absence of the Chairman, the board is chaired by the most Senior Vice President.

Roles of the University Academic Board

  • To review academic proposals, strategic initiatives, bylaws proposals, and align them to the overall University mission and Strategic Plan.
  • To review and provide advice in matters related to academic policies at the University.
  • To review and provide advice for strategies related to academic processes.
  • To ensure high outcomes related to learning, teaching, and research.
  • To ensure the alignment between KAIMRC and different colleges and deanships.
  • To review and provide advice regarding plans related to training and scholarships.
  • To review and provide advice regarding plans for the University extracurricular activities.
  • To anticipate emerging issues and opportunities, and exercise initiative in response.
  • To provide advice to academic related matters submitted by the members of the board.​