8.  University Executive Board


The University Executive Board aims to enhance communication between academic and administrative sectors of the University.

University Executive Board formation

The University Executive Board consists of:

·         University President (Chairman)

·         Vice Presidents

·         Assistant Vice Presidents.

·         General and Corporate Directors

·         General Directors, University Relations and Media

·         The Chairman may invite other members. 


In the absence of the Chairman, the board is chaired by the most Senior Vice President.

Charges of the University Executive Board

1.        To serve as a liaison between academic and administrative sectors of the University.

2.        To handle initiatives that facilitates transformation to the new University system.

3.        To advise matters related to university organization and governance.

4.        To ensure best utilization of available financial resources and enhancement of extra funds for the University.

5.        To provide advices to matter related to university budget.

6.        To improve the University’s operational sector by presenting challenges and opportunities.

7.        To implement strategic plans of the University.

8.        To Monitor performance and continuous development in the University to achieve institutional excellence.

9.        To establish sub-committee as needed.

10.     To handle any other issues submitted by University President or the board members.


Executive Board Meetings

The University Executive Board shall meet upon an invitation from the chairperson at least once a month, as per the call of the chairperson, or in case that one-third of the Board members wrote a request to the chairperson to call for a meeting.