Administrative and Financial Affairs

The administrative and financial affairs is concerned with providing support to all university colleges and departments in order to be able to implement their work plans and role within the scope of work in the University.  The department is assigned the task of supervising the following sub-departments:

    • Manpower Services Department: Supports the departments’ needs of positions. Its main function is to plan for the organization’s manpower needs based on each department’s function, current situation, and future plans. Furthermore, ensuring that salaries and benefit plans are competitive, and that they are designed and managed to attract and retain manpower of the highest quality; and that employee packages are in alignment with University policies and guidelines.
    • Human Resources and Payroll Services Department: The department is dedicated to process records and payments for all University faculty, staff and students including their benefits and disciplinary actions. Moreover, they are in charge of processing several personnel transactions, in addition to maintaining their files while ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
    • Faculty & Staff Relations Services Department: This department is responsible for promoting, maintaining, and developing good employee relations within the university. The department also deals with the employees’ requirements and other work-related concerns from day one of employment, up to the last day of service.
    • Recruitment Department: It is primarily tasked with identification, assessment, and recruitment in a fair and consistent manner for the entire University.
    • Finance Department: Committed to providing timely, accurate, clear and complete information and support to all colleges/departments. It is divided by responsibility into payment services, cash management, budgeting and financial planning.
    • Office Services: Aims to provide quality mailroom management, document distribution and related business support services to colleges/department.

Technical Affairs

The Technical Affairs (TA) is responsible for ensuring the full operation of all University’s physical assets, buildings, utilities, engineering services, systems and equipment in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Ahsa regions. Within this division, there are the corporate utilities and maintenance operations, regional technical affairs department with the various sub-departments of utilities and maintenance, design, engineering, building services and project task force, project management office, and regional healthcare technology management services (HTMS).  The functions of these sub-departments are:

  • Utilities and maintenance department: Maintenance and repair are continuous activities to provide electricity, lighting, water supply, keeping the ambient internal environment comfortable, keeping mechanical systems and building structures functional and safe to operate and live in. Additional responsibilities are building refurbishment, modifications, and renovations. The main functions of this department include: Supervision of the operations and maintenance of the contracted works: supervision and management of scheduled maintenance and repair, emergency maintenance and repair, safeguard, protection of utilities, safety compliance, work control, and emergency preparedness
  • Healthcare Technology Management Services: It is responsible for all medical equipment issues. This department ensures the delivery of necessary engineering, technical expertise and consultation to assess, recommend and select medical equipment, while providing continuous user training on all related equipment. A registry of all University medical equipment is available and updated for information to determine equipment life-cycle cost and utilization.

Technical Affairs consists of the following:

    • Design Office in charge of developing plans, programs and producing the design with cost estimates of in-house approved projects relative to the specified requirements of the end-user/client.
    • Engineering Services integrates the design and construction, and supervises the implementation. It verifies conformity of systems used to national and international standards, and manages new construction projects.
    • Building Services and Project Taskforce carries out the smaller construction project requirements for refurbishment and modification of existing facilities and complexes. Their work is done under the supervision of “Engineering Services”.
    • Project Management Office oversees, manages, and monitors the progress of projects up to successful completion.

Logistics and Contracts

The Logistics and Contracts Department is responsible for acquiring goods and services as required. The department aims to meet the operational needs of the University in terms of quality, quantity, safety, cost, time and source. It also oversees the supply chain processes. Logistics and Contracts Department provides the following services:

      • Purchasing services that aim to provide goods and services through petty cash, direct buy, contracts for services, capital equipment, tenders, operation and management, and special projects by:
        • Direct Buy.
          Tendering of procurement products and services through public tendering using the RFP process; in compliance to Government Procurement Law (Article 44).
        • Contract of goods and services which includes systematic process of preparing, finalizing and monitoring contract agreement.
        • Petty Cash that will be used for direct buy for urgently needed items and/or required services or to make small routine purchases/services where a purchase order is not cost effective or for payment to vendors who do not accept credit (cheque) due to the nature of their business such as small industrial suppliers.
        • Handles receipt, storage, and distribution of university’s fixed assets (property and equipment) and attend to Customs Clearances.
      • Property Management is the management of personal property, tools and equipment, tracking and tagging, and physical capital assets. It is the operation, control and oversight of real estate.
        • Responsibility includes coordination of property evaluation, repairs & transfer of fixed assets.

Support Services

The Support Services ensure that all function of management in the University three campuses are optimally managed. The department is assigned the task of supervising the following sub-departments:

    • Security & Safety Services: The department ensures the security and protection of staff, students and University premises assets. This also includes services and consultation in areas related to emergency response, criminal investigations, risk assessments and crime prevention awareness.
    • Fire and Safety Services: The department deals with various forms of emergencies, exercises, and continuing training that allows the emergency response personnel to be familiar with the most current firefighting techniques, lifesaving measures and the existence of current materials and technological hazards.
    • Employee Social Club: The department provides the best facility and the most latest specialized sports and fitness equipment under the supervision of qualified trainers by Sports Complex in the University. The following amenities provided are Sports Complex and Recreation Center. This section is also responsible for the recreation services provided to the University housing residents. School Bus Transportation Services and Recreation Trips are also managed by the Employee Social Club in collaboration with transportation department.
    • Environmental Services: The department ensures to maintain the required University appearance and hygiene standards. It is composed of the Housekeeping Services, Horticulture Roads and Ground, Laundry Services, Pest Control Services and Waste Management Services.
    • Housekeeping Services: Ensures compliance of the approved high quality of cleaning maintenance standards that are clean, pleasing and environmentally safe for all University staff.
    • Laundry Services: The department provides high quality laundry services for University, issues linens and staff uniforms and ensures the continuous supply of clean and hygienic laundry items.
    • Horticulture Roads & Grounds- The department is responsible for providing and maintain aesthetic landscapes, distribution of appropriate indoor and outdoor plants and cleanliness of roads, parking and grounds and cleaning the roads and grounds in KSAU-HS.
    • Public Health/Pest Control Services: The department is responsible for implementing effective integrated pest management services programs to maintain pest-free University environment and its residential compounds.
    • Waste Management Services- The department is responsible for monitoring the implementation of effective and correct management of waste materials in the University and its affiliated facilities in terms of packaging, transporting, weighing and safe disposal. Securing services for medical waste and proper hygiene services in the College of Dentistry and Clinical Skills Development Building.
    • Housing Administration Services: The department is responsible in providing employees with high quality housing accommodation and to ensure that employees are given best possible services and assistance in all their housing concerns. Housing Services is composed of the housing administration, housing operations, housing inventory, key control and meet & greet. Housing administration is responsible in monitoring and overseeing the whole scope and function of the department.
    • Transportation Services: The department plans, develops, and regulates, an efficient and well-integrated transport system that serves the University employees interests. It has been established to enhance mobility and deliver safe, secure and environmentally-responsible transport by providing high quality vehicles and related services. Its objective is to maintain reliable safe vehicle in order for the University personnel requiring transportation have the necessary vehicle available for the required time period.
    • Food Contract Operation Services: It is primarily tasked in providing catering request and food preparation services for University functions and student activities. Its aim to provide the best food service possible with the available resources.

University Relation and Media Affairs

University Relations and Media Affairs aim to enhance the communication of the University. It is working to strengthen the communication with all stakeholders and/or internal and external audience. It introduces the community to all the Academic and Scientific programs and initiatives. The department continues to seek and employ the latest Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to achieve the vision, mission and goals of the University. The department monthly publishes University Newspaper “The University Pulse”. Through the magazine, Relations and Media can communicate with KSAU-HS community about the latest and most updated events and achievements of the University. The main goals of the department are:

    • Raising the level of awareness and knowledge of KSAU-HS as a specialized University in health sciences.
    • Define programs and academic disciplines that are offered in the University
    • Promotes the University’s identity in a positive way.
    • Introduce the University achievements in the fields of education, scientific research, and community service. In addition, it defines the role of KSAU-HS in the scientific developmental renaissance in Saudi Arabia.
    • Strengthening the channels of communication between the University and its employees in order to achieve their highest level of job satisfaction.
    • Participate with the academic and administrative departments in the University in order to manage and organize their occasions, and promotes a positive image of the University.

Information Technology Services

The IT Services (ITS) aims to be a center of excellence for technology enablement of health sciences education, and a source of competitive advantage for the University to attract top talent. ITS works in partnership with faculty, students, and staff to leverage technology for innovation, collaboration and the continuous improvement of University processes. ITS in Jeddah and Al Ahsa have their own Directors, through whom the General Director can delegate regional matters.

The department is divided into the following sub-departments by function:

    • Enterprise Architecture: Provides and maintains the middleware layer of all systems’ integration, through Service Oriented Architecture.
    • Advanced Communication: Responsible for the administration of LAN, WAN, WLAN, and IP telephony, in addition to being responsible for the installation, configuration, and management of Audio Visual communications.
    • Infrastructure Services: Responsible for implementation of commissioning, as well as management and maintenance of infrastructure services, in addition to governing Data Center and all its components.
    • Enterprise Applications: Responsible for the development, support, and maintenance of enterprise applications. They provide application development, creating any customized applications for the university business stakeholders (supporting Procurement, Finance, HR, and Payroll departments).
    • End-Service and Governance: Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a governance framework to monitor, control, and report upon the ongoing performance of the ICT functions. Further, they perform strategy planning and strategy reviews, in addition to Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence Analytics.

Corporate Educational Technology Services

The role of Corporate Educational Technology Services (EduTech) has many facets, from integrating technology with education to offering technical support to the users across the University.  The EduTech is responsible for the development and operations of the many innovative educational systems adopted in the University. This department is charged with managing the educational information technologies, policies and procedures, web services, as well as instructional technology and software department. The EduTech supports the growing needs of the University by providing the necessary support for email accounts, file sharing, as well as smart classroom support. The department initiates, manages, and supports appropriate technological advancement which will support the continued growth and development of educational resources.  Additionally, the department operates the University’s educational system servers and digital services, oversees and supervises IT departments in the colleges and provides technical support and training for its employees. The department aims to providing the University Community with easy, safe and trusted access to information for Educational and Research purposes from anywhere and at any time.

The EduTech Department provides the following support services for KSAU-HS Staff, Faculty and Students:

  • E-Learning Services
    • Learning Management System (Blackboard)
    • Virtual Classroom Support
    • Recording and broadcast lectures
    • Assessment System
  • Classroom Technical Support and Helpdesk System
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Library Management System
  • Online Admission System
  • User account and E-Mail management
  • Website development and hosting
  • Online and mobile application development​