1.   King Abdullah International Medical Research Center

The Research Center represents the research arm of the University. The center has a vision to be a leading international health science research institution. It looks toward acquiring, managing, and executing academically biomedical research Programs. The Research Center covers a high-quality scientific set up consisting of first-class research enabling technology platforms. These ground-breaking platforms include animal laboratories & testing rooms, DNA & stem cell cord banks, genomic medicine, bioinformatics and biostatistics, shared core facilities and molecular imaging suites. There are three branches of Research Center. Besides the Research Center in the central region; there are branches in the Western Region (WR), and in the Eastern Region (ER).

2.   Student Research Board

The board is created to guide students’ research in the University with the aim to encourage students to publish their work in recognized journals. The University Student Research Board advises students and their supervisors to publish in Pub-Med-Listed Journals. The Board has the following charges:

  • To establish University Research unit for promotion of university students’ research in all colleges and postgraduate deanship.
  • To suggest research topics for students in coordination with faculty of different specialties.
  • To evaluate research projects of students and facilitate their conduct, analysis, presentations and publications.
  • To organize the annual competitive Preparatory Scientific Research Meeting as well as other research related events.
  • To recommend the selected student research projects to be presented and published regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • To create a database of all University students research projects selected for presentation or publication.​