Educational Affairs Vice-Presidency

Educational Affairs Vice-Presidency is committed to developing an innovative and creative learning environment in the University for students and faculty. It also ensures the smooth running of the academic and administrative functions of the Colleges in all three campuses by providing directions and aiding in managing the processes through which teaching is delivered. Part of the mission of Educational Affairs is to ensure that the curriculum appropriately reflects the mission and goals of the University in all the three campuses in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Ahsa. Moreover, Educational Affairs plays a major role in supporting student engagement with the community through student activities that is organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs. Through the Corporate Educational Technology Services, the Educational Affairs support the delivery of curricula in the learning management system (Blackboard), efficient utilization of the Student Information Systems (SIS), and other information technology tools.

Postgraduate Education Vice-Presidency

The mission of the Vice-Presidency of Postgraduate Education is to create and support the best possible learning and training environment and to continuously provide excellence in educational opportunities that will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge to enrich the experiences of healthcare professionals. The Vice Presidency governs and oversees the various postgraduate medical education, continuing education and scholarship activities throughout the three University Campuses and Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs Hospitals. The Deanship of Postgraduate Education is the effective arm to deliver its services. The Postgraduate Education oversees the following services: Health Promotion Center, The Canadian Medical Education for Directors and Specialists, Health Sciences Library, Medical Education, Scholarship Office, Postgraduate Training Center, Office of the Advanced Trauma Life Support Courses, Symposia and Conferences Division, and Media Services.    

Development and Quality Management Vice-Presidency

The Development and Quality Management (DQM) Affairs is assigned the task to manage planning, development and quality in the University. DQM mission is to be creative and innovative to achieve excellence and sustainable quality in health-sciences education. This mission is translated into a reality through strategic goals and initiatives. DQM also leads the process of accreditation at the institute and program levels. DQM expects that accreditation will assess the University to identify gaps in its processes and launch specific projects that will further enhance the academic environment and culture of quality to ultimately reach excellence and sustainable high quality. Another major task of DQM Affairs is to revisit, reconstruct, and oversee the different components of the strategic plan based on the current situation and facilities made available by moving to the new three campuses. The DQM welcomes any initiatives and suggestions that will bring inputs in its planning and development processes and further enhances business processes. DQM has the following strategic goals:

  • To develop, implement and maintain the strategic plan and its performance management.
  • To maintain an efficient quality assurance system based on best practices and supported by information technology that enhances the University outcomes.
  • To lead and achieve national and international accreditations of the University and its programs.
  • To develop and maintain the University’s governance and organizational charts.
  • To organize, standardize and maintain the University policies and its related procedures.
  • To assure the achievement of the best practices in information technology in the University Community.
  • To enhance the University’s branding nationally and internationally.​