Well-Student Centre

The Well-Student Centre is responsible for the mental health wellbeing of KSAU-HS Male and Female students. It promotes mental health awareness, provides counselling sessions, lectures, consultations, workshops, in addition to psychological awareness. The centre is also encouraging and supervising different psychoeducational activity as part of the social responsibilities in the community (Schools-Malls) which run by the student’s male and female ex. common psychological problems awareness, mental health awareness during pregnancy- bullying– child abuse. These activities have found great interest by male and female students as it improves their personalities and widen their field of awareness. Moreover; it will let them focus more on their own mental health and figure out the ways to overcome their usual obstacles and challenges. The centre has the following goals:

1.        Provide consulting sessions to the needed student.

2.        Running continuous workshops for the common psychological problems that faces the students in and out the university.

3.        Early detection and intervention of psychological and behavioural difficulties in the student.

4.        Minimize academic failure or drop due to psychological reasons.

5.        Decrease the student’s maladaptive behaviours.

6.        Facilitate an Easy access to psychiatric consultation if needed.

7.        Reduce stigmatization for common mental health problems between the students.