Brief about TAWIR

As per KSAU-HS mission to provide the best educational environment there is for its continuous improvement and maintenance of quality through effective support of leadership and active involvement of faculty, students and non-academic staff, TAWIR application was designed. A large database meant to collect, studies, and implement ideas that contribute in the development of the university environment, TAWIR was created to improve and underline such aspects. This will provide an opportunity for all those who wish to participate from within and or outside the university, which will eventually results in the upgrading of its performance level. Further, owners of the approved ideas will get a proper recognition from the university.


The University to be recognized nationally as a pioneer model for its best educational environment.


The University to sustain the development of its environment on a continuous basis in order to uplift the level of performance in the services and educational activities it provides.


• Develop appropriate mechanisms for the University to achieve and sustain excellence
• Create a positive, fair and respectful culture
• Encourage everyone to contribute in the development of the University environment

URL: http://tawir.ksau-hs.edu.sa