Who are required and why there is a need to take EBM Courses?

​All health care professionals and senior health administrative need to attend EBM courses. Medical school and residents need these courses as well.

The importance of including EBM in the residency curriculum is well recognized by many programs in developed countries namely USA, Canada, UK and Australia. The Saudi Council for Health Specialties (SCHS) has incorporated EBM in the residency curricula, as the EBM course is mandatory for all residents before their graduations. A well recognized program is needed to fulfill the requirement of such an important foundation course. The SCHS approached the NGCEBM for conducting EBM courses directed to residents in various specialties with reduced fees (letter No. 1763/3 dated 6/4/1426 H). Being a referral center in KSA and the Gulf region, the NGCEBM in National Guard Health Affairs will assume such responsibility.

Are all EBM Courses accredited with CME hours and if so, how many?

All courses offered by the Center accredited by The Saudi Council. CME hour depends on the number of hours and kind of course.

What are the usual Courses/Activities NGCEBHP Offers

* check EBM Calendar ​of events for upcoming courses

​EBM Foundation Course.  
This course is aimed at Physicians & healthcare providers who want to build their knowledge and practice in EBM.

Basic Evidence Based Nursing Course.  This course is aimed for all health care practitioners and Nurses who want to have the knowledge and skills in Evidence Based Nursing. The course helps the participants to gain the knowledge and skills of critical appraisal of medical literatures, know how to search for the best evidence and know the types of medical research.  The course is highlighted on the Introduction to Evidence Based Nursing, Research Methodology, Critical Appraisal of Topics, EBN Statistics and the Interactive Small Groups Discussion. It also provides computer hands-on with online search of EBN resources.

Train the Trainers Course.  This course is aimed at Health care professionals who have knowledge in the field of EBM and willing to share such experience. This workshop assesses training needs and tailors EBM training programs.  It also enhances the participants' ability to teach EBM and share their knowledge and experience in the field of Evidence Based Medicine.

Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis Course.  This course is designed to equip participants to synthesize a systematic review and a meta-analysis in the context of a Cochrane review.  It is aimed at Health professionals who have basic knowledge and training in EBM and who are interested in doing systematic review and meta-analysis.

Searching & Managing EBM Resources.  Objectives of this course are, to introduce to the attendees the feature of filtered /secondary evidence based medicine resources. To introduce them the EMBASE & Pubmed searching. To equip them with data management (ENDNOTE) skills.

EBM Statistics The course will enable participants to perform simple statistical analysis on SPSS program through 

What are the upcoming courses NGCEBHP offers and how can i register if i want to enroll for a certain course

- Visit the Center’s Website and fill up the registration form and send back to NGCEBM office or through email
- or register and log in to KSAU-HS events ​​

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