​Payment Details

Arab National Bank/ Khasmallan Branch, Riyadh
Account Number     01-08-00520891-0460
KSAU-HS Riyadh Departmental Activity Account 
IBAN    SA9230400108005208910460

NOTE: Send us a copy of your transaction/receipt to FAX # +966-11-4295480

For Registration & Other Inquiries please contact

National and Gulf Center for Evidence Based Health Practice
College of Public Health & Health Informatics, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh KSA
Mail Code 3120, P.O. Box 22490   Riyadh 11426, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

How will I pay and the method of payment?

You can pay through bank (Arab National Bank) Account Number: 01-08-00520891-0460KSAU-HS Riyadh Departmental Activity Account or visit us at the 2nd floor, College of Public Health & Health Informatics

How much does EBM course cost and if payment has been made, can I transfer to any course before the date of the course I registered into?

The cost varies on the tailored courses; however, transfer to any course must be consulted with the course coordinator at least one (1) week prior to the course commencement date.  Moreover, the participant must pay the difference of the course fee (whichever is higher).

Is payment for EBM course refundable/transferable?  If a participant decides to withdraw from a course after their registration has conformed, the following applies:

·       No administration charge will be imposed if done four (4) weeks prior to the schedule commencement date.

·       An administration charge of 20% of the total course fee will be charged if done within the four (4) week period but within two (2) weeks prior to the schedule commencement date.

·       An administration charge of 100% of the total course fee will be charged or non-refundable if done within one (1) week prior to the schedule commencement date.

·       If a course registrant finds a replacement to fill the vacancy, he/she must inform the course director through the coordinator by a written letter (either handwritten or typewritten) stating the reason of his/her cancellation and authorizing the person to attend or to fill the vacancy in his/her behalf at least one week prior to the schedule course commencement date. Once qualified and approved, he/she must return the original copy of the receipt issued for processing of refund.

·       In exceptional circumstances, as deemed by the Director and Deputy of NGCEBM, participants will receive a full or partial refund of the course fee.

If I pay the course fee by cash, will I be refunded also by cash if ever I want to cancel my registration?
No. All refunds must pass through Finance Department and will be deposited to the participant's account through bank transfer.

Whats the Policy for Registration and/or Cancellation? ***
Click  here  for information concerning registration and cancellations