Who are we? 

The Training and Development Department is concerned with the development of human resources skills and capabilities as real capital. As Training means change for the better in terms of the individual's information, abilities, ideas, behaviors and trends in order to prepare the employees well to meet the current work requirements and develop their technical and mental skills to meet future challenges and needs. While Development means to raise the level of job performance and skills necessary to achieve the considerations of the individual and his desire for career progress commensurate with the needs of the future university. Hence, the importance of training and development is to raise productivity and efficiency in King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences in general and increase the capabilities and staff of the university in particular.

Our vision:
The Training and Development Department at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences should be a leader in the field of training and development by providing high quality training programs in line with the requirements of the work in order to raise efficiency, productivity, and equip the university staff with the necessary skills to achieve professional and managerial performance.

Our Goals:
​  Prepare a training plan at the department level to cover all training needs.
Improve skills and gain experience and development of the individual's abilities commensurate with the                                  requirements of work.
Raising the level of efficiency and performance of the university employees to increase productivity.
Improving the level of administrative behavior and professionalism.

Telephone: +966 11 42 99999 
Ext: 92681 - 92685
Email: t&d@​ksau-hs.edu.sa​​
Adminstration Building- 6th floor