SAS for Beginners

    Location College of Public Health & Health Informatics  – KSAUHS Riyadh Start Date :3/15/2020 12:00 AMEnd Date : 3/17/2020 12:00 AM

​​​​​National & Gulf Center for Evidence Based Health Practice,  KSAU-HS is pleased to announce that the upcoming “SAS for Beginners” on 15-17 March 2020 at the College of Public Health & Health Informatics, Riyadh.

Learn Objectives:
1-Reading Excel/SPSS file into SAS.
2-Manage and modify data variables.
3-Examine data distribution and quality.
4-Assess the reliability (internal consistency) of a questionnaire.
5-Generate descriptive statistics and explore data with graphs.
6-Create plots using OSD Statistical Graphics
7-Use Chi-Square statistic to detect association between categorical variables.
8-Perform tests of differences between two group means.
9-Perform analysis of variance and post-hoc multiple comparison techniques.
10-Fit and interpret multiple linear regression model.
11-Fit and interpret multiple logistics regression model.
12-Test whether survival curves across groups are different.
13-Test whether factors associated with a higher hazard of event.
14-Learn how to design well-formed tables for publication.​

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