A to Z of Knowledge TRanslation

    Location College of Public Health & Health Informatics, KSAU-HS Riyadh KSA Start Date :2/3/2022 12:00 AMEnd Date : 2/3/2022 12:00 AM

Learning Objectives
Understand the hazards posed to the users of healthcare services.
Define KT and articulate its vital role in health service improvement.
Itemize and explain the 5 Ps of Medical Practice and their application in Clinical Care: Evidence-based, Quality-based, Competency-based, Patient and Family-centered and Value-based Practices. 
Understand the concepts of Systems Thinking, High-reliability principles and System Redesign in KT.
Describe the steps for implementing a successful KT intervention.
Access and efficiently use online resources for KT.
Develop or search for online KT tools. 
Describe and utilize Monitoring Tools in KT.
Describe the tools for sustaining KT interventions.
Practical application of KT in several case scenarios.

Target Audience
This course is aimed at Physicians and healthcare providers who want to build their knowledge and practice in EBM

NO CME Hours 

Registration Fee : SR 200


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