Using Epidemiology to Enhance Publication

    Location College of Public Health & Health Informatics, KSAU-HS Riyadh KSA Start Date :9/15/2021 12:00 AMEnd Date : 9/16/2021 12:00 AM


This workshop propoes to cover the basic epidemiologic concepts that are frequently used in preparing good research paper suitable for publication in top international journals.  For each topic multiple examples are provided.  Additionally, participant interaction are encouraged by sharing experience and concerns related to the course objectives.  By the end of the workshop, the participants should get familiar with the following epidemiologic/ publication topics:

​1. Writing and publishing a good paper.

2. Questionnaire development and validation.

3. Study design.

4. Sampling and sample size.

5. Measuring disease occurence.

6. Adjustment and standardization.

7. Measuring association.

8. Evaluating association.

9. Causation.

10. Screening accuracy.

11. Regression and Survival.


Target Audience

Researches, Epidemiologists, Public health professionals, Residents/master students who plan to do Thesis, Those working in medical research or medical reports.



Dr. Aiman El Saeed Ramadan, Advisor, Health Surveilance, Asst. Profesor Epid and Biostatistics CPHHI.

​CME Hours will be provided

Registration Fee: SR  400

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Venue & Contact

VENUE: College of Public Health & Health Informatics, KSAU-HS Riyadh KSA.

PHONE : + 966 11 4295451
REGISTRATION: +966 11 4295495