KSAU-HS Research Orientation


The Office of Research at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences conducted a Research orientation for faculty and early-career researchers on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, to highlight research policies, rules, and regulations as well as other crucial elements of scientific research.
Several speakers from the University leadership presented on various themes as part of the event. Her Excellency Prof. Hanan Al Kadri, Assistant Vice President, Dean of Educational Affairs, and Dean of CPHHI, gave a speech at the beginning of the event titled "Research in KSAU-HS." Following this, a speech by Prof. Ibrahim Alalwan, Vice President for Postgraduate Education, titled "Scientific Council," and a fundamental speech by Dr. Mohammed Al Dubayee, Associate Dean, Office of Research, titled "Research Policies, Procedures, Rules, Regulations, and Affiliation."

The "IRB Outlines" topic was covered during the orientation by Dr. Ghiath Al Ahmad, Research Scientist, Biomedical Ethics Section, KAIMRC. Professor Ali Hajeer, the Chair of the University Students Research Board, also gave a presentation titled "Student Research Council and Procedures." The speech by Professor Ahmed Jamleh, Head of the Research Department at COD, titled "Students Research Board and Procedures."The speech by Dr. Majed Aljeraisy, chairman of KAIMRC's research office, titled "Startup Funding Opportunities." The presentations "University Resources" by Dr. Fatimah Othman, an assistant professor at CPHHI.
Dr. Abdulaziz Al Angari, Assistant Dean, Office of Research, CPHHI, concluded the Research Orientation by providing a brief outline of the services provided by the Office of Research. This event was crucial for early-career researchers as it established the foundation and paved the way for future successful research.​