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Funding Op​portunity Resources
Funding resources are available throughout the academic year for university students and faculty. Click the links below to learn about possibility of finding your research.  

King Abdullah International Medical Research Center’s (KAIMRC)
KAIMRC is one of leading national institutions in medical research development and findings. KAMC, KSAU-HS and KAIMRC work together towards the vision of improving health care delivery to its patients by generating innovative research that helps to improve the health of the Saudi population. KAIMRC provides funding research in high priority areas. Here is what you need to provide in order to apply:

2. Link for submission:
3. Link for online submission:

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
KACST is one of the top national funding sources in Saudi Arabia. KACST is seeking research proposal applications to address the following research priorities: non-communicable diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, allergies and asthma. Communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis C. KACST also support graduate students with minimal requirements of a research grant application.

1. Application form: KACST research proposal.doc
2. Link for registration:
3. Link for submission:
Statistical Software Training
We provide training sessions, as necessary, in statistics and statistical packages. These sessions could range from one hour to five days’ training. We welcome invitations to educate a wide range of clients in academic and non-academic institutions in the use of the following statistical packages:

1. SAS– Data Analyses
2. SPSS– Data Analyses
3. STATA– Data Analyses
4. JMP – Data Analyses
5. nQuery-Sample Size Determination
Statistical & Research Resources Research
Below are links for those who interested in self-learning.

1. UCLA – What statistical analysis should I use?
2. Data Analysis Examples
3. Purdue University – How to write descriptive/inferential statistics?
4. Sample size calculation – Survey
5. Sample size calculation for different epidemiological studies