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National & Gulf Center for Evidence Based Health Practice-About

The National & Gulf Center for Evidence Based Health Practice (NGCEBHP) is recognized as the EBM referral Center (Decree Number 6 item 3) for the GCC during the 57th GCC Health Ministers’ Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland on the 19th of May 2004

NGCEBHP aims to promote the concept and practice of Evidence Based Health Practice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the GCC.

Healthcare professionals and decision-makers throughout Saudi Arabia and the GCC should be informed by high quality, timely researched evidence. The NGCEBHP will play a pivotal role in the production and dissemination of this evidence across all areas of healthcare.

NGCEBHP Partners
The Center has cultivated local and international partnerships with the following institutions:

Locally at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences:
        College of Medicine
        College of Public Health & Health Informatics
        College of Nursing
        College of Pharmacy
        College of Science and Health Professions
        College of Dentistry
        College of Applied Medical Science

       McMaster University, Canada
       Mayo Clinic, USA
       Guideline International Network (G-I-N), Geneva
       Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), Australia
       International Society for Evidence Based Healthcare

Main current undertakings:
Research Production & Supervision
At NGCEBHP, we assist and oversee primary research conducted by medical students and residents at National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA). We also conduct systematic reviews with the assistance of residents & fellows.

Collaboration with MNGHA Clinical Services & outside institutions:
Our executive board members and NGCEBHP associates are directly involved with the following to ensur​e that evidence based medicine is factored into the decision-making process:

Corporate Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee
Drug Evaluation Committee
Infection Disease & Prevention Control Department
Rehabilitation & Occupational Department with Society for Physical Therapy Association (SPTA) & CARE
Drug Evaluation Division
Supporting the national Corporate Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee by evaluating all newly requested drugs.

ISID Clinical Department
Working with clinical departments to produce Evidence Based Guidelines and management tools to be integrated into the best care.

Education Division
In this division, the aim is the dissemination of evidenced based healthcare (EBHC) concepts and principles through teaching and training of healthcare professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Regions. This is accomplished through the following:

1. Short term EBHC courses and workshops
2. Conferences
3. Undergraduate EBHC Teaching: EBHC is integrated into the curricula at both the College of Medicine and the College of Nursing at KSAU-HS.
4. Postgraduate training: EBHC is integrated into the Master’s degrees of Quality management, Epidemiology and statistics and Public health at King Saud Bin Abdulaziz
University for Health Sciences.
5. Residency Training Programs: Post the second annual EBHC conference (2006), Saudi Health Commission made it mandatory for all residents to attend an Evidence
based medicine 3-day foundation course.
6. EBHC Scholarship program in collaboration with McMaster University: for both master's degrees      and PhDs​