Office Of Research


The faculty support and development Center (RSDC) supports faculty research activities in particular early career and junior faculty. The center works with faculty in pursuit of high-quality research and scholarship by expanding knowledge through research, inquiry and collaboration. The center aims offers the following services:

-Assists early career researchers in establishing a research agenda with a focused line of inquiry in alignment with societal needs and priorities.

-Assists early career researchers in identifying available university resources and developmental opportunities.

-Connects junior faculty with mentors who have similar research interests to facilitate and foster interdisciplinary research collaboration.

-Assists faculty in identifying potential external funding resources.

​-Assists faculty in completing research proposals and research funding grants, both for internal and external funding.

-Encourages and supports faculty in disseminating research findings through conferences, meetings, and other scholarly activities.

-Arranges and hosts collaborative meeting between faculty members and external partners and researchers.

-Assist faculty in identifying potential external funding resources.

-Identify research gaps and provide the training that faculty members might need address it.

-Direct faculty members to courses and conferences that best match their research areas.

-Collaborate with hospital and colleges libraries in order to offer wide range of resources​.

​-Build collaborations with national and international libraries.