Office Of Research

Scientific Writing Center

At a glance
The Scientific Writing Center (SWC) offers a range of support for the written academic socialization of KSAU-HS affiliates. Our program goes beyond basic proofreading services to provide individualized editing services that target the specific language obstacles to international journals’ submission acceptance.
​-  Consultation appointments
Faculty and students can apply for consulting appointments by submitting a minimum of 500 words and filling out the appointment form at the Research Support and Development Center. We will edit, share suggestions, improve the organization, sentence structure, and wording of the submitted draft through the track changes function in Word. We will send you two versions, a track change version, and a clean copy.
​ - Scientific Writing Workshops
We offer several group writing workshops, tutorials, and online resources tailored to KSAU-HS affiliates’ needs in the early stages of their research and writing process.