Office Of Research


Scientific Writing Center​
The SWC main aim is to provide support for the written academic socialization of KSAU-HS affiliates. We recognize the specific language needs of Saudi medical researchers and scholars. While the majority of Saudi health professionals are articulate speakers, many still need assistance in their academic writing. Thus, we have created a support program that goes beyond basic proofreading services to providing individualized editing services that target the specific language obstacles to international journals’ submission acceptance. In this endeavor, we utilize leading edge linguistic strategies that compare submitted manuscripts to referential databases of published and well-received articles. This type of linguistic computer analyses hones in on the lexicogrammatical and phraseological differences that cannot be perceived through manual proofreading. We also examine the macro level variances regarding rhetorical modes and structural organization. These analyses will then be employed in a face-to-face consultation with the writer/s to inform them of the optional and necessary changes that will increase the likelihood of successfully publishing in their journal of choice.

Consultation appointments
Faculty members may seek consultation appointments on a first come first serve basis by submitting a 500 words and above manuscript and filling out the appointment form at the Research Support and Development Center or online. At the consultation session, the consultant will show the faculty member the main discrepancies between his/her draft and published articles in the target journal. The consultant will then share suggestions to improve the organization, sentence structure, and wording of the submitted draft. These suggestions may feed into future draft versions that can be submitted and reassessed by the SWC. Appointments are hourly and conducted by specially trained and experienced linguists and writing instructors.

Scientific Writing Workshops
The SWC also offers several group writing workshops, tutorials and online resources tailored to the needs of KSAU-HS affiliates in the early stages of their research and writing process. More information about all that we offer is available on our webpage and at the Research Support and Development Center’s lounge.