Center of Excellence for Health Informatics

The Center was established by a decision from the University Council at its second meeting for the year 1429/1430 AH. This establishment of the Center was to the University concern about E-health. The University has already embrace the Saudi Association for Health Informatics. Moreover, the university hosted in 2008 the International Conference for E-Health. KSAU-HS is keen to train qualified cadres in the field of electronic health and its professions, which are Health Informatics Systems, Health Information Management, Resource Management Systems, Digital Medical Engineering, Tele Medicine and Electronic Medical File.

The University seeks through this center to improve the scientific and practical research in the field of health informatics on a global level and to use it in building a knowledge society. It also hopes for global leadership in health information through creativity and excellence and contribute to build a national economy that is based on knowledge. 
The Center aims to: 

  carry out training activities that are concentrated in the field of health information of national importance and strategic dimension.
  enabling a scientific research environment, in order to enable researchers and postgraduate students to conduct innovative research and develop advanced technologies to assume its leader in the field of health informatics.
  achieve integration and interdependence between researchers and experts in the universities and in the health and industrial sectors in the field of health informatics.
  strengthening the relationship between sectors of government and the private sector, investors and research excellence in the field of health informatics.
 strengthen cooperation in the areas of health informatics between Saudi universities and international universities and other centers of excellence.
 Working to attract investors to invest in projects that are emanating from the distinguished research ideas in the field of health informatics, in order to benefit health sectors.
 Making joint studies between local, regional, and global universities.

Telephone:  966 11 4299999 Ext. 95405
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