Vice presidency pursues, supervises, and evaluates all work of the scientific associations and its founding committee in the university periodically. As well it cares to improve the performance of the scientific association and achieve connection between the university, the scientific association, and the professional entities.


The contribution of the university in fulfilling the goals of the Scientific Association to make it a concrete reality.


Building societies specialized in improving theoretical and applied knowledge and urging to reach out constructively with internal and external experiences.


  1. • ​​Encouraging the establishment of the Scientific Association at KSAU-HS​.
  2. • Developing the performance of scientific societies affiliated with KSAU-HS.
  3. • Achieving the communication between scientific association, university administration, and the professional entities
  4. • The Scientific Association is responsible for pursuing and supervising the work of associations affiliated with the university and its founding.  
  5. • Studying the transaction referred to the administration and directing them to the specialized departments.
  6. • Setting standards for establishing the Scientific Associations, developing and supervising control and efficiency systems.
  7. ​• Following up and evaluating the work of the scientific association.​​

    Saudi Associations:
    • Saudi Association for Health Informatics (https://www.sahi.org.sa/ ​​)
  8. • Saudi Association for Public Health ​(http://sa-saph.org/​​​​)
    • ​Saudi Occupational Therapy Association (https://sota.org.sa/ar/)
    • ​Saudi Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation​ (https://saudihematology.org.sa/​)